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Users will be able to buy and sell their sneakers, mystery boxes, packs, and accessories with/from other users. Users will only use $WALKN tokens for any transaction within the in-app marketplace. $WALKN tokens can be purchased on an CEX, DEX or directly within the app using BNB.

In near future, users will be able to rent or lease their sneakers to other users using the WalkN app. In order to do so a user must reach to Badge which unlocks Rental feature for them. Once eligible, users can create a rental agreement with a validity of 24 hours using their $WALKN tokens. After agreement expiry, $WALKN tokens are refunded to the agreement owner. A Rental Agreement can last up to 10 days. Failure to comply with the terms of the Rental Agreement will result in a reduced rating for the renting party.
When a renter completes a Solo Mode session, the app distributes the earnings in accordance with the Rental Agreement. Earnings for renters and lessees are fixed. Renters will be rewarded with 1 star rating for each successful Rental Agreement completed.
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