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Users will be able to buy and sell their sneakers, mystery boxes, packs, and accessories with/from other users. Users will only use $WALKN tokens for any transaction within the in-app marketplace. $WALKN tokens can be purchased on an CEX, DEX or directly within the app using BNB.

Leasing & Renting

In near future, users will be able to rent or lease their sneakers to other users using the WalkN app. In order to do so a user must reach to Badge which unlocks Rental feature for them. Once eligible, users can create a rental agreement with a validity of 24 hours using their $WALKN tokens. After agreement expiry, $WALKN tokens are refunded to the agreement owner. A Rental Agreement can last up to 10 days. Failure to comply with the terms of the Rental Agreement will result in a reduced rating for the renting party.
When a renter completes a Solo Mode session, the app distributes the earnings in accordance with the Rental Agreement. Earnings for renters and lessees are fixed. Renters will be rewarded with 1 star rating for each successful Rental Agreement completed.
Last modified 1yr ago