WalkN App
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WalkN App Team

WalkN App was founded by two seasoned blockchain professionals earlier this year. The team has now expended and onboarded three key members to develop and deliver the WalkN App.
Below is list of the WalkN App team's key members:


Co-founder, WalkN App. Daniel has over 20 years of technology experience in international companies globally. He has led several tech transformation projects in his career and became active in blockchain sector in early 2015. Since 2015, he has been an investors in several blockchain projects as well as an advocate of blockchain technology and its usage in real world scenarios. At WalkN App, he leads technology ops and strategic partnerships.


Co-founder, WalkN App. Francis brings decades of solid experience in building brands and helping companies achieve their ambitious targets - both financials and non-financials. He has professional and educational background in finance and he bought his first BTC in late 2016. Since then he has been using his experience in finance and knowledge of blockchain to help projects design their revenue generating strategies. At WalkN App, he leads marketing and revenue ops.


Lead Web 3.0 Developer. Hands-on, successful software professional with decades of success leading teams in delivering Web 3.0 technology solutions for web, mobile products, and enterprise software solutions. Comprehensive knowledge of platform development, enterprise architecture, agile methodologies, and cloud services. Since 2017, focused on development based on Blockchain and Decentralized Finance. At WalkN App, Petro leads anything and everything related to smart contract.


Creative Director. Creative Professional Illustrator & Comic artist with 7 years of experience, Expertise in the illustration of characters and developing of different types of graphic novel formats such as comics, webcomics and video games. Big knowledge in concept art, anatomy, colour, character design. Experience in freelancer projects that involves short films, tv series pilot production and bible creation, 2D animation, art direction and storyboarding. At WalkN App, Salim runs creative unit responsible for all art work of the app.

Kate Brown

App Economics Director. Finance professional with 15+ years of well-rounded experience in financial modelling and planning, budgeting and forecasting, strategy formulation and execution, mergers and acquisitions, project management, portfolio optimisation and investment appraisal. During past few years, she has been involved in financing rounds for startups, working extensively on creating financial models, financial analysis and presentations. At WalkN App, Kate runs App Revenue unit responsible for designing financial model for the WalkN app to make sure that business is sustainable and rewarding to its users.