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Caps & Earnings

In the WalkN app, there is a cap on Daily Energy that a user can spend and a Daily Cap on $STEPS tokens a user can earn in Solo Mode. When a user starts with a new sneaker, then the energy level is 5 and it is spent within 15 minutes to exercising. The higher a sneaker level is, the more it will get Energy cap and higher earning in $STEPS tokens. Please do note that energy cap is automatically replenished by 35% after every four hours.

A User’s Daily Energy Caps:

Minimum Energy Caps: 5
Maximum Energy Caps: 50

A user’s daily Earning Caps:

Minimum Earning: 5 $STEPS tokens
Maximum Earning: 400 $STEPS tokens, up to Level 29
Maximum Earning (additional): 20 $WALKN tokens Level 30)

Earning Calculations

$STEPS Earning Formula:
Mechanism To Calculate Earning
Energy Consumption and Other Variables
A user's earning depends on below key factors: