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The content of this document should be read with attention. If there is still any doubt after reading through it, the reader should make their own informed judgment or consult their financial advisor. This is a working document and is subject to changes and errors. Numerous statements within this document, as with any project at the concept phase, are forward looking. Due to this all of these statements are subject to change as work progresses and there is no liability on the team for any of the statements. A lot of times statements are future visions and future research, by its nature, is subject to change as developments or concepts are refined through the course of time. Statements can also change due to external factors beyond the control of the WalkN App team.The WALKN token , and any other associated systems are only utility tokens and should not be treated as securities or shares by any person or entity wishing to hold the WALKN token. This document or holding WALKN does not create a securities investment contract or entitle to any security/shares offering. Any possession of WALKN shall not grant any rights in any form to any user for including such as any rights of ownership, dividends, property or intellectual property, decision making, or any other rights such as of financial or legal nature, in WalkN App unless and otherwise it's explicitly mentioned.