WalkN App
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WalkN App Token

WalkN App will have two tokens - a governance token and a in-app tokens (rewards).
  • Governance Token: $WALKN
    The WALKN token will be used as governance token to determine the project's developments by its token holders. The governance token can be either purchased through WalkN's fundraising rounds or DEX/CEX. Upon launch, more WALKN tokens can be earned staking or by using WalkN app for various activities. With staking your WALKN you'll get platform rewards which are collected either via staking platform or the in-app purchases. A user must reach a certain level in WalkN to start earning WALKN tokens. So, with the WALKN token users are able to stake or purchase the in-game NFTs, sneakers, accessories and mystery boxes through the in-app marketplace.
  • In-game Token: $STEPS
    The STEPS token can be earned by simply using the WalkN app while you walk, jog, or run. The activities can be as solo (also free-to-play), social events, or a specific event organised by the WalkN App in your region. The STEPS token can be used to level up your shoes to increase its stats, efficiency, clean or repair them which would increase its output.
Let’s go over Move2Earn market overview before jumping to what is unique about WalkN App!