WalkN App

WalkN App

WalkN App - Move2Earn Revolution is HERE! Walk, jog or run with WalkN app and earn while you get stronger EVERYDAY!

Our Mission

WalkN exists with only one mission - To bring people, fitness and crypto together by building a solid platform that rewards people to take care of their fitness.
WalkN provide a platform for improving one's fitness while earning rewards in cryptocurrency. It leverages newly born trend, Move2Earn. The app users purchase an NFT of their choice, start the app, and earn money with every step they take.
According to World Health Organization(WHO), the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted human life in the most drastic way. The COVID-19 is also the first such pandemic that has challenged global public health systems, food security, as well as mental health of people. Through this new Move2Earn concept, we're encouraging people to take charge of their health through reward-for-good-behaviour philosophy. So, by rewarding people in monetary values, we encourage them to move more, do more and become healthier.
So, with WalkN App, you move more to earn more!